Big dreams become big business with SME solutions from Vodacom

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Much has been said about the new normal, but as South Africa slowly tries to reopen the economy it’s clear that what that normal is, is very unclear.

One thing that is clear is that business must go on and Vodacom’s newly launched range of solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are designed to keep your business running, and running smarter.

But with the office of the future increasingly looking like several home offices rather than one, how does one manage a team of workers? Or even ensure that those workers are productive by being permanently connected to work from anywhere, anytime at speed on any device without compromising security?

Thankfully, there are several Smart Productivity digital solutions available that not only enable staff to continue working, but also make it easier to get the job done.

Solutions such as Microsoft 365 and G-Suite offer up cloud-first office applications. This means your business gets to leverage the benefit of the cloud such as having your data accessible at all times, as well as enterprise-level security from service providers.

But these office applications are not the applications you grew up with. These days the likes of Microsoft 365 offers up collaborative tools that allow teams to view, edit and share documents at the touch of a button.

Similarly, G-Suite gives you access to your office in the cloud with storage of all documents saved to the cloud. No more losing hours of work due to loadshedding, the last letter you typed will be there when the power comes back.

But more than what is possible, both Microsoft and Google know that you aren’t using those products exclusively.

Through integrations with existing products – even its own – packages can be tailored to your business needs. 

Whether you are a school, a small business or a growing enterprise, Vodacom Business’ range of SME services are designed with your organisation in mind.

Whether your business sells honey to nearby retailers and restaurants or helps enterprises keep a handle on their accounts, perhaps it’s time to explore how digital solutions can benefit your operation.

Speak to Vodacom Business today about how digital solutions can help your business flourish now and in the future.



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