Dead Cells Game Trial comes to Switch this month

Dead Cells will be available as a Game Trial – the Nintendo Switch phrase for a limited time free play event – later this month starting on 26th January.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to download and play the game right now but it will only be playable between 26th January and 1st February. That’s around a week you’ll get to experience the game without the need for an additional purchase.

For those who think that’s not enough time for a demo this is just a reminder that Game Trials get you access to the entire game, not just a sectioned portion as is common for demos. Dead Cells, as a roguelike, has hundreds of hours of content, so even a week of full access to the game won’t be enough to experience it all.

That being said it’s more than enough time for those on the fence to get to grips with things here and decide if they’d like to play the whole thing. It also acts as a great taster if you’d prefer to buy it on another platform, as Dead Cells is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile platforms.

Unfortunately the Game Trial may not be available to you depending on where you live. Developer and publisher Motion Twin point out that it’s only available in Europe and Australia. As South Africa sometimes gets access to European content, the Dead Cells Game Trial also appears for us. While the Nintendo Switch is region free and making new user accounts for different countries is easy, linking all of this together with an active Nintendo Switch Online account can get tricky.

In other Dead Cells news content based on the game has appeared in the Steam Points Shop. You can buy animated avatars, an avatar frame, profile backgrounds, animated stickers and more right here.

Finally music from the upcoming Fatal Falls DLC for the game is now available to listen to on YouTube. Speaking of Fatal Falls it also launches on 26th January, the same day as the Game Trial.

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