Dead Cells launches Fatal Falls DLC, Game Trial on Switch

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Side scrolling beat ’em up roguelike Dead Cells is still getting new content years after release with the latest paid DLC Fatal Falls just having been released. On top of this certain Nintendo Switch players can give the full game a limited time try.

Fatal Falls adds two new mid-game biomes, new enemies, a new boss and seven new weapons to defeat those new foes. You also get a new companion in the form of a flying sword.

“Gain a sharp and somewhat overprotective aerial ally as you fight through two new biomes and a boss! Challenging level designs will force you to rethink your approach in this new mid game content designed to add variety to your runs and continue support for the development of the game,” reads the official description of Fatal Falls.

You can see some of the new content in a stylised setting thanks to an animated trailer embedded at the bottom of this page. If you want to see how the new additions actually look in the game there’s this vlog video which which shows off more than six minutes of gameplay.

As with all roguelikes it’s usually better to discover the new content on your own, but you can also get more details about Fatal Falls in this update from the developers.

If you’ve not yet played Dead Cells certain players on Nintendo Switch can no do so without the need for an additional purchase. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Europe and Australia can now access Game Trial until 1st February. Game Trials are not demos but instead full access to the game for the duration that the offer is available. More details about this Game Trial can be found in our previous coverage.

Dead Cells is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile platforms. On Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store the base game is discounted by 50 percent until 9th February. The other pieces of paid DLC are also discounted between 30 and 33 percent depending on where you buy it.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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