Lost data in 2020? Don’t make the same mistake in 2021

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As we all eagerly put 2020 behind us many of the same problems persist into the new year and the safeguarding of your data is even more important.

Work and education from home will likely continue into the new year as a new paradigm is set into place making the documents on your desktop or notebook all the more precious. You may not have the benefit of that work / school backup server or expensive software that your organisation has access to thanks to a bulk buy. On the other side of the coin businesses and schools looking to continue home efforts may still be looking for a way to help their stakeholders stay safe when it comes to data protection, with no real idea where to start.

The prospect of data recovery is especially poignant and it comes with an air of mystique usually perpetuated by hardcore institutions which love to show off their clean rooms and salvaging of drives which have been all but destroyed.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. CAT Data Recovery Software presents you with just three steps to get your data back: select your drive, scan it and choose which files to recover. It’s that simple.

But let’s back up a bit here. What is CAT Data Recovery Software? This software suite is an easy to use solution to recover files which you may have lost in a variety of circumstances. Accidental deletion, computer crashes corruption and many other instances which may put your valuable data at risk.

Aside from its ease of use this software’s other killer feature is compatibility. There are versions of it available for both Windows and Mac so you can access it no matter what hardware or software you’re running.

This access continues into the type of data you can recover, and how much of it. Almost any file format can be recovered with CAT Data Recovery Software so no matter what you’re doing with your computer you can rest easy here. Thankfully this doesn’t mean you will have to sort through all the junk. Some other data recovery software will give you a jumbled list of all the files it has found for recovery with many of them being invisible and unimportant data that the Windows and Mac operating systems routinely recycle. CAT Data Recovery Software allows you to find specific file types that you want to recover instead of you having to manually wade through countless files you don’t care about.

At this point, with all the boons on offer here, you may be expecting some stinger like an insanely high price or some convoluted purchase model. That’s not the case as CAT Data Recovery Software is reasonably priced and even allows you to download for free to check out the features before buying. There’s 24/7 customer support updates to keep functionality modern and even how to guides on its website to help you get along. If you’re struggled with data loss in the past or you want to go into the new year with the assurance against it, you owe it to yourself to give this a go.



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