The Hydra watch from WandaVision is real and for sale

All three released episodes of WandaVision have featured faux advertisements for fake products. These allude to the MCU and the past of the two titular characters, but one of those products has been made real and put up for sale.

In the second episode of the show there’s this advert for a watch called “Strücker”. This is in reference to Wolfgang von Strücker, the Hydra higherup that was responsible for giving superpowers to the Maximoff twins Pietro and Wanda. The show WandaVision is still ongoing, but a big theme throughout is the many tragedies of Wanda and these adverts are usually references to them without spoiling more of the show.

On the Strücker watch face you can also see the word “Hydra” and the distinctive symbol.

Now the watch has been made into a real product that is for sale from the Hot Topic store in America. It’s costs $19.90 (~R301) but, unfortunately, it has since been sold out after being revealed by Marvel. It’s still worth talking about, however, should it be restocked.

As you may have guessed by the price and the fact that it’s being sold by Hot Topic this isn’t a luxury timepiece that the fiction advert makes it out to be. Hot Topic lists the only two features of the watch being “alloy” and “imported”. That alloy is probably whatever is cheapest and it’s imported because it’s likely made in China.

“Make time to look good with this replica watch from WandaVision. The gold tone watch features the Strucker name on the face with ‘Hydra 1000’ below in green,” reads the official description of the watch on the shop website.

Aside from waiting for a restock those of us outside of the US will also need to have it imported as Marvel hasn’t said anything about making it available elsewhere. Hopefully there’s more in the pipeline and other products from WandaVision and the slew of MCU shows.

The SWORD pendent from episode three is also for sale from Hot Topic. Unlike the watch this necklace didn’t have its own in-show advert and its meaning to the fiction of the story hasn’t been revealed just yet. It’s in stock at the time of writing for $12.90 (~R195).

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