Vodacom Business makes implementing cloud productivity solutions in your SME simple

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One thing the pandemic has taught us is that the value of connectivity cannot be understated.

A stable and reliable internet connection is one part of the answer to a far more complex question – how do I keep my small business functioning, and my employees productive, outside the boundaries of the office?

The answer to that question is multi-faceted as no one solution offers up a way to address each of your particular concerns. As business operations and user behaviours have evangelised repeatedly, there is no one solution to digitalisation and digital transformation. Rather, a business must employ a range of solutions to meet its particular needs.

Knowing this information and the immediacy to adapt does not negate hurdles and ideally, any small business owner would want to partner with a provider that is platform-agnostic and whose goal it is to find the right mix of solutions for your business.

Vodacom Business is such a provider and its SMART Productivity solutions address a range of needs your SME might have.

Security and productivity

Through Vodacom Business SMART Productivity Solutions, your business can enter the world of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 includes access to the Microsoft Office suite including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive and Teams.

In addition, you will be able to access and edit your documents from the web or through your smartphone so that even if an employee experiences a power cut while working remotely, they have the ability to keep working on an alternative device.

Microsoft 365 also features spam, malware and threat protection with Exchange Online Protection. You can rest assured that your data is secure through key international, regional and even industry-specific security and privacy controls. Listing all of these is nearly impossible, as there are more than 1 000 security and privacy controls in place.

Moreover, the functionality of the product allows you to protect your employees by setting password reset policies to kick in after a certain number of days.

Server space

For an SME, the prospect of leasing virtual server space can be daunting, but Vodacom Business SMART Productivity Solutions remove the complexity of this process.

Through its AWS Virtual Server offering, you can implement a virtual server quickly, at a low manageable monthly rate.

In addition to the cost-effective structure of the product, your small business is protected by the same enterprise-grade security enjoyed by other AWS customers and you have the reliability that comes with using a service provider as large as Amazon.

With solutions starting at just R68 per month, an AWS Virtual Server can be a valuable addition to your business, whether employees are working remotely or not.


Even without the call to work from home, there are times when staff are not in the office. Sales staff can be making client visits or a team member has to attend training. For this reason, a converged telephony system is vital, even for small businesses.

OneNet Business through Vodacom Business SMART Productivity Solutions allows for the convergence of landlines and mobile services into one cloud-based unified communication solution.

This means you’re less likely to miss important calls, and the real value lies in better management of your communication fees. 

Vodacom Business SMART Productivity Solutions make it easier for SMEs to thrive in a digital age through affordable and tailored solutions. To find out more about Vodacom Business SMART Productivity Solutions head here.



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