Huawei’s new Mate X2 looks a lot like the Galaxy Fold

Huawei has debuted its latest foldable phone – the Mate X2. This is the second iteration (third, if you count the 5G version of the Mate X) of foldable phone that the company has released, but unlike other product unveilings, there was very little fanfare surrounding this device.

Perhaps that is down to the fact that the global launches of newer Huawei phones is a bit more difficult to pin down. We are still yet to know when the Mate 40 series will officially debut in SA for example, but regardless of that, we think the Mate X2 will likely get a lot of comparisons to another foldable phone we saw last year.

We are of course talking about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, especially as both devices sport a very similar form factor.

So what’s the Mate X2 packing?

Well in folded form it features a 6.45″ primary screen, which is comparable to what you may find on most flagship smartphones, Huawei explains. Unfold it to a larger tablet-esque form factor and the screen real estate increases to 8″ in what Huawei calls a FullView experience, which means the bezels are kept to a minimum.

The Chinese manufacturer adds that both screens support up to 90Hz to make the visuals smoother while opening and closing the device.

Unlike its predecessor, the Mate X2 is less folio-like in its folding setup and is more akin to a book in this latest incarnation. The shift necessitated a new hinge to be designed, and we also see that there is a slight wedge to the left hand screen, which is said to have been added in order to make the device easier to handle.

“Enjoy a smoother unfolding experience for longer, thanks to the new and improved multi-dimensional hinge made using innovative materials and forging techniques. The discreetly concealed hinge gives HUAWEI Mate X2 a flawless look, and creates a virtually seamless fit,” notes the Mate X2 landing page.

“The slightly wedged shape gives HUAWEI Mate X2 an extra edge. With the thinnest part at only about 4.4 mm, this inspiring design not only looks slim, but also feels amazingly light. And since the centre of gravity is closer to where you hold it, you can enjoy an easier grip,” it adds.

As for what’s powering this offering, an octa-core Kirin 9000 5G SoC is onboard, which is the same silicon that the Mate 40 series featured last year. Along with the 5G connectivity, the Mate X2 will also support WiFi 6+, according to Huawei.

There’s 8GB RAM on offer and 256GB or 512GB onboard storage flavours too, with a quartet of lenses house on the rear camera array – 50MP wide-angle, 16MP ultra wide-angle, 12MP telephoto, 8MP super zoom.

Huawei is also talking up the application multitasking on the Mate X2, with multiple windows capable of operating at once, along switching between applications without needing to minimise windows. How seamless that will be in-hand though, remains unclear, not to mention the fact that HMS is still driving much of the mobile experiences on the device.

At the time of writing, there is no word on when or indeed if Huawei plans to roll this out in other parts of the globe, with the same going for local availability and pricing. We’ll be sure to update should those details become available.

In the long run, it will be interesting to see how the Mate X2 stacks up against other foldable phones, which have yielded mixed experiences to date.

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