Vodacom Business takes the guesswork out of remote work

Lockdown brought with it a rapid shift to working from home for many businesses and, with that, a new world of work has formed.

Video conferencing has replaced boardroom meetings and productivity software has become vital to keeping the wheels of a business turning.

The trouble is that there is a plethora of productivity software available and given that many applications use similar technologies, choosing the right solution for your business needs is easier said than done.

In a bid to help SMEs on their digital transformation journey, Vodacom Business has curated a number of solutions that aim to help SMEs remain productive without needing to break the bank. Vodacom Smart Productivity Solutions range from Office Suites to PBX solutions.

The Microsoft Teams Voice Breakout, for example, keeps your employees connected through a modern internet based cloud hosted PBX solution.

This solution integrates into Microsoft Teams and transforms how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, web conferencing and email for an all-in-one communication solution. 

The Microsoft Teams Voice Breakout is feature rich and includes Auto attendant, voicemail, direct dialling in and out and there is even a call recording feature. Rates are also 20 percent lower compared to other solutions and Vodacom Business has priced this offering incredibly competitively at R20 per user per month.

As for office suites, Google Workspace offers a simple, secure cloud-based solution.

Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and more from the Google Suite of products will keep your employees connected and productive whether they’re working safely in an office together or if they are working remotely. This means you spend less time fretting about how you’ll get work done and more time doing the work.

When the time comes to do your finances, Vodacom Business has considered this as well.

Fiskl is a small business invoicing solution that helps you automate your finances effortlessly.

Capture expenses, track hours and invoice clients on the go with the Fiskl web and mobile software. The solution even integrates with Google Maps to help take the guesswork out of logging mileage. Fiskl will even do the required calculations for you.

With pricing starting from R65 per month, Fiskl will help you work on your business rather than in your business.

Vodacom Smart Productivity Solutions are affordable and easy to implement. Stop fussing with old technology and step into a digital age, easily.

Visit the Vodacom Business SME solutions portal here, for more information.

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