Dead Man’s Tale is the latest Destiny 2 Exotic tied to a secret mission

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s latest season, Season of the Chosen, has been live for a week and players appear to be pleased with the state of play at the moment.

Battlegrounds are a frantic battle against hordes of Cabal, the H.E.L.M is a fantastic addition to the storytelling and the gear you can play for is exciting.

Things got better on Tuesday, however, as players discovered the presence of a new Exotic quest that is tied to its own secret mission.

We’re about to dive into spoiler territory so get out now.

The Exotic in question is Dead Man’s Tale, a Kinetic scout rifle that can drop with random perks.

In order to start your quest for this weapon you will need to launch The Arms Dealer Strike from the EDZ. This week the Nightfall: The Ordeal, is The Arms Dealer so you can start the quest while you complete a Nightfall run if you want.

Upon entering the Strike you will want to clear the first room but don’t head outside. Instead, a door that usually doesn’t open will open. Progress through this area killing off the Scorpius turrets and you will eventually find yourself in the mission space where the Destiny 2 mission Larceny took place.

Dispatch the boss and a marker will appear on screen, collect the object near the marker and then head to Zavala to start the quest The Voice on the Other Side.

The only step in this quest is to complete the Presage mission.

To launch the Presage mission open up the Tangled Shore destination in the Director and go to the top of the map.

You will treated to a short cutscene and some dialogue from Osiris and then you have to board the ship.

From here, well it’s a mix of enemies, a maze, puzzles and a final boss battle. Like the Harbinger quest for Hawkmoon, there is no time limit to this mission so take your time and work through it methodically.

The required power level for the mission is 1 230 but we’ve heard from folks around the community that enemies scale up to your power level so it might be best to get some friends to join you for this one.

The main mechanic you will encounter is the Egregore Link which allows you to pass through doors you otherwise won’t be able to pass through. Using the Egregore Link buff, you will need to find and hit switches around the ship to progress. The goal is to reach the Bridge of the ship so get your bearings and move in that direction.

If you must use a guide, we recommend this guide from creator Datto, but we urge you to try the mission yourself. As a solo player it should take about an hour to complete but as we mentioned, enemies hit hard.

While we knew a new unannounced Exotic was being made available this season we weren’t expecting it so soon.

That having been said Dead Man’s Tale can have random perks so the availability of this quest so soon gives players time to grind for a perk roll they want.

The weapon’s Intrinsic perk is Cranial Spike which grants bonus damage and reload speed for successive precision hits. According to this weapon can roll with a range of barrel and magazine perks as well as traits like Snapshot Sights and Vorpal Weapon.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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