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Here’s all the individual trailers from the Nintendo Direct

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After what seemed like an endless drought we finally have a new Nintendo Direct to watch.

The latest edition of Nintendo’s unique showcase format can be watched in full here. It’s 50 minutes long so if you don’t have the time to watch it through, or you just care about the big ticket games, we’ve got you sorted with individual trailers instead.

Below you can find a list of all the videos in alphabetical orders. Perfect for sending to your friends to complain about or praise.

The complaints / praise comment above comes from the fact that this Nintendo Direct was a Marmite event. Some people hated that there wasn’t any big announcements for franchises like Pokémon and Metroid despite them having anniversaries this year, while others loved the wide range of announcements and unexpected items such as Project Triangle Strategy.

Some items are, however, more neutral. We don’t think anyone was unhappy to see Fall Guys finally makes its way to a Nintendo console thanks to the Switch port. While the game has fallen in popularity slightly with titles like Among Us eating its lunch, there’s still an active playerbase that looks to grow with the Switch version.

Our highlight of the show was Star Wars: Hunters purely because its announcement was immediately followed by utter despair. We’ve been waiting to see more of the Star Wars franchise in the world of gaming after the LucasFilm Games name was brought back from the dead and EA lessened its stranglehold on the IP.

Unfortunately Star Wars: Hunters is a free to play game made by Zynga. We’re never ones to discount a game after seeing less than 30 seconds of it, but we’re really not in the market to be monetarily sucked dry by yet another thinly disguised skinner box with a Star Wars façade.

For now it’s back to waiting both for the games above to be released and for another Nintendo Direct. Many suspect a Direct focused on Pokémon will happen soon as its 25th anniversary happens next week on 27th February.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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