Hisense going solar for its Atlantis factory within next five years

Eskom continues to be unreliable when it comes to power stability in the country and, while many South Africans have dabbled with the idea of going off the grid for their power needs, it looks like Hisense is fully embracing it.

This after the company announced this week that it will be switching to a solar powered system for its factory in Atlantis in the Western Cape.

The factory, which helps the local economy by employing many people in the Western Cape suburb, will soon undergo a power renovation process that will cost an estimated R20 million, as a sustainable solar powered manufacturing setup is expected to be up and running over the next five years.

“This will help relieve the pressure on the Eskom grid while greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the plant in line with Hisense’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing,” adds a press release regarding the announcement sent to Hypertext.

Hisense adds that the project will involve the installation of more than 2 500 solar panels and result in annual energy production of over 1.9 million kWh.

“Ensuring a guaranteed and reliable energy supply is crucial to the long-term sustainability of the plant, and will ensure job security for all staff, and no loss in productivity due to loadshedding and power outages,” explains Patrick Hu, MD of Hisense South Africa regarding the switch to solar.

“We look forward to the process, and a bright future with our new solar-powered factory,” he concluded.

With Eskom no closer to rectifying its loadshedding woes, it will be interesting to see if other companies with manufacturing interests in South Africa adopt a similar move, which is certainly more favourable than having them move their operations to somewhere else in the globe.

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