How to get your 2020 Matric results online

With go ahead from the government and the Umalusi council, the Matric exam results from 2020 are still on course to be released next week, 22nd February 2021.

The second wave of COVID-19 is still raging across the country so it may be a good idea to find your exam results online instead of venturing out to get it in person.

In that regard there are several ways to access your Matric results.

The first and most obvious way is through the Department of Education (DBE) website. This link will take you to the main page of the website and this link is for the results page itself.

We suggest using the former link as the latter has not been updated. At the time of publishing the results page still lists information for the 2019 exams. This may change by next week, but so may the link. To stay safe go to the aforementioned DBE website and click on the “Matric Results” option at the bottom left of the page below the “Examinations” option.

Once on the correct page students will need to enter their examination number, name, surname, ID number and home language.

Those in private school can find their results on the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) website right here. This, thankfully, seems to correctly have the new 2020 results listed. The student examination number and date of birth, in the YYYY-MM-DD format, will need to be entered.

Finally there is the dedicated Matric results website maintained by News 24 available at this link. Ahead of the release of the results the News 24 option offers you a few other pieces of functionality including the ability to leave your email address to be alerted to the release of the results as well as a small section dedicated to the provincial and national pass rates.

To all Matric students we wish the best of luck. 2020 was the most difficult year in living memory for students with the hardest part of secondary studies made even worse by a pandemic, lockdowns, distance learning and other perils. Try to maintain a positive attitude regardless of results because, hey, surviving 2020 is an achievement.

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