htxt.africast – Matric results, the DA and Facebook

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As we get ever deeper into 2021, another week has passed and that means it’s time for the africast. This week we have two main topics lined up instead of the usual one topic and news stories.

First up is the Matric 2020 exam results. It’s been a very long road marred by the COVID-19 pandemic and leaked exams but, should nothing go wrong in the next trio of days, the results will finally be released on 22nd February.

You may think this is old news as the government announced this date long ago, but there wasn’t go ahead from the Umalusi council until this week. This is the last hurdle needed to release the results and it looks like everything is on track for Monday.

We discuss the history of these exams, the problems therein and the road to the results finally coming out and the class of 2020 being let into the real world.

Then our second and final topic is the very strange request from the DA for Facebook to discuss misinformation with the South African government.

While fighting misinformation is always a good thing Facebook has been very clear on its rules and regulations when it comes to misinformation as it has had to shore things up for 2020’s US presidential election. While Facebook has given a preliminary positive reply to the request most just don’t see the point of the whole endeavour.

Is it just pointless posturing by the DA? Can some good actually come out of these talks? We’ll have to wait and see.

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