htxt.africast – Why you shouldn’t sweat the Matric results

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It’s a big week in South Africa as the Matric 2020 exam results were released and the country comes to deal with them. In this africast we look at these results and why everyone should probably calm down.

Before that, however, we talk some news and the world of gaming has some bangers this time. A big wig has announced that more PlayStation games will be coming to PC starting with Days Gone this year. This gives us hope that more exclusives from the PS4 and PS5 will make its way to PC so more people can enjoy them. Then there’s Destiny 2 which had a mass of changes which have mostly been well received as they seem to be informed by the will and suggestions of the community.

Now let’s talk Matric. While the overall pass rate did go down slightly in 2020 they should be considered against the sheer number of obstacles this class has had to face due to COVID-19 and the South African lockdowns. The slight reduction is impressive in this regard especially as, when we dive into the numbers, pass rates for certain subjects are higher compared to previous years where there was no pandemic.

Past Matric and the exam results, however, we want to talk directly to the students in South Africa who may see this as the defining moment of their lives. Aside from advice from us about job experience and what to study, it’s just worth remembering that you have an entire lifetime left to go and you probably won’t care about this whole mess in a couple of years. At the end of the day almost every decision in life is a coin flip made amongst chaos, so don’t worry too much.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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