Imgur Art Crawl brings an exhibit to your screens

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Popular image sharing platform Imgur has just kicked off an Art Crawl which seeks to bring artists together to showcase their work and potentially win some money on behalf of charity.

“Welcome to the 2021 Imgur Art Crawl, a magical tour through the endless halls of Imgur’s finest artists, makers, and creators. Oooh! Ahhh! This week (February 8-12) there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents, so grab your craft supplies and pull on your overalls. It’s time to get arty! ” reads the introduction to the event.

The Art Crawl is made for every kind of artist, across mediums and at every skill level. It’s not just for traditional stuff you may think of when you hear “art” such as drawing, painting and sculpting. Woodworkers, musicians, sewists and more are all welcome. It seems that, if you make anything out of anything else, you are accepted here.

The Art Crawl seems to be intended as a community event and for participants to take in some art while we’re all stuck at home. Despite this there are some prizes available. Certain community contributors have been chosen as judges and four winners will receive an Imgur-branded T-shirt, a month of Emerald and a $100 (~R1 478) donation to a charity of their choice.

Imgur Emerald is a paid subscription to the platform that removes ads, adds in certain features and acts as a way for fans to support the site. It works through the Coil membership model which costs $5 (~R74) per month. 

Back to the art and, if you’re thinking about joining in for the prizes, make sure you read the short contest policy here.

To partake all you need to do is upload a public image to Imgur and use the #artcrawl tag on the post. At the time of writing the event has been going for a handful of hours and there are 2 050 posts.

Going through some of the entries and there’s just about every kind of maker you can imagine, including model painting, crochet, furniture making, wood burning and more. Even if you’re not inclined to participate we do encourage you to check out the submissions gallery here.

A small collection of example works supplied by Imgur.
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of