Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch costs a ludicrous R9599

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Last week we found out that the Monster Hunter Rise Edition of the Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller would be coming to South Africa. At the time we didn’t know the pricing for either piece of hardware but now we do and, boy oh boy, is it expensive.

Let’s start with the cheaper of the two: the Pro Controller which costs R1 699. A regular Pro Controller costs R1 499. You’re basically paying R200 for some gold decorations on your controller.

The Monster Hunter Rise Edition Nintendo Switch console is even worse as it is priced at R9 599. The console, which also features similar stylings as the controller, does have a value add due to the fact that it comes with a download code for Monster Hunter Rise, but let’s price things out here.

A regular Nintendo Switch costs R7 999 in South Africa. A physical copy of Monster Hunter Rise is R1 199 which buying it digitally costs R1 129. Buying a regular version of the Nintendo Switch and a digital copy of Monster Hunter Rise comes to R9 128. This means that the premium you’re paying for the Monster Hunter Rise edition is R471.

Even if you believe that the extra money here is worth it, we have to look at international pricing to see that this really shouldn’t be how it is.

Here’s some pricing for the various hardware discussed above using the RRP in the UK, as it’s usually the closest to what we pay in South Africa.

  • Regular Nintendo Switch: £299.99 ≈ R6 209
  • Monster Hunter Rise Edition Nintendo Switch: £339.99 ≈ R7 037
  • Regular Pro Controller: £59.99 ≈ R1 241
  • Monster Hunter Rise Edition Pro Controller: £69.99 ≈ R1 448

If you want to be even more depressed about those prices look at what they pay in the US: $299.99 (~R4 518) for the console and $69.99 (~R1 054) for the controller. As always remember that US pricing may not include tax.

Coming back to South Africa and, once again, the pricing for the Monster Hunter Rise Edition makes no sense. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition of the Switch is R8 999. This edition is very similar as it features a unique console bundled with a download code for a full price game, and yet it’s cheaper than the new Monster Hunter Rise variant.

As we reported on last year the Nintendo Switch family got a massive price increase in South Africa due to “devaluation of the Rand”. As the exchange rate to powerful currencies such as the US Dollar and Euro remain relatively the same compared to June 2020 when we wrote that report, it makes some sense that the price increase has remained.

It’s worth noting, at this point, that these prices we’ve been discussing come directly from Core, the official Nintendo Distributor in South Africa. Items can be bought directly from them through its direct store. These figures aren’t some third party retailers bumping up the price to try and make some extra money off of consumers.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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