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More PlayStation 5s due to land in South Africa in March

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The PlayStation 5 has been out of stock ever since it launched in South Africa last year with small drops coming into the country and selling out fast. The dates and quantities of these drops has been erratic but now more consoles are coming next month.

Both BT Games and Raru had console bundle allocations available with release dates set for 31st March. Other online retailers such as Takealot and Loot didn’t have any consoles available the time of writing, but the two (as well as smaller retailers) may also be included in this new batch of stock. Give those a try if the first two are sold out by the time you read this.

Stores which have retail premises such as Game, Makro, Incredible Connection and others, similarly, didn’t have any stock up for sale on the respective websites. That being said BT Games and Raru may just be ahead of the curve with their listing, with these and others not updating their sites just yet. South African brick and mortar stores also have a bad habit of online stock counts not reflecting what’s available in stores, so if you really want a PlayStation 5 near the end of next month you can try giving your local stores a call.

We also suggest following the fantastic local Twitter account Cheap Gamer which, aside from alerting everyone to good deals on games, has also been tracking restocks of the PS5 and the Xbox Series S / Series X. While the Xbox consoles have had better stock levels in the country compared to the PlayStation 5, it’s still not at the point where you can walk into any store (or click on any shopping website) and be 100% sure that a Series X|S is available to buy. We highly recommend following the account and turning on mobile notifications so you’re alerted each time Cheap Gamer tweets.

If you’re on the fence about the PlayStation 5, or want to find out what it’s like before you finally get your hands on one, check out our PS5 coverage so far:

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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