Seagate One Touch: The perfect home office companion

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As we head deeper into 2021 it’s clear that working from home is the new normal both for those part of a larger company and those trying to break out on their own. While the poster child view of a home office is a notebook and nothing else, the truth is that alone really isn’t enough for all your needs, especially when it comes to data, and that’s where Seagate comes in.

The household name in storage is offering South Africans the smart One Touch line of external drives for all their local data needs. The One Touch range comes in a variety of styles, capacities, speeds and prices to suit your every whim, but why do you need one in the first place?

First let’s talk about the cloud: most people are of the opinion that using a cloud solution is the best way to store your data. While the cloud certainly has its advantages there are some distinct disadvantages, especially here in South Africa.

The big problems here are power cuts and internet pricing. It’s all well and good that your data is saved on a server somewhere, but if the power is out that doesn’t help you much. Even if you’re on a mobile device with its own power and internet connection, that leads to the next problem of what you’re paying for that.

Data prices are historically high in South Africa which means retrieving your content from the cloud is prohibitively expensive. Even if you’re only backing up and recalling small text files, you’re usually paying for every bit and byte you use. And full computer backups? You’d need to dig into the retirement money to fund that venture in South Africa.

Those with uncapped connections should also be careful here as most ISPs have fair usage policies which will result in your connection being throttled or cut off if you use the line you pay for too often in one month.

Some of the One Touch variants available now.

Seagate’s One Touch external drives simply side step this by giving you access to all your data locally and indefinitely. Simply plug the drives in and get rolling. The One Touch line-up works over a single USB 3.0 cable meaning no separate plug in for power. As long as the device you’re connected to is working so is the One Touch.

The slim form factor of these drives make it perfect for moving around too doing away with the large and bulky units of the past. While that means an easier time bringing content to clients, meetings and abroad, all of that is not as important right now due to lockdowns. What it does mean, however, is a cleaner work space at home and a simple device that’s a breeze to move where you want to work.

There’s also all the benefits of data security in the case of damage to your computer thanks to separate storage, the ability to share across multiple devices, Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery Services… but let’s talk about options.

The One Touch range comes in two flavours: SSD and HDD. The SSD is the faster option giving you quick access to up to 1TB of storage. The HDD is better bang for the buck per gigabyte and the top of the range drive is a hefty 5TB.

The two types of drives also come with their own spin on external looks. The SSDs have a pleasing woven fabric exterior while the HDDs are polished aluminium. Either SSD or HDD, woven fabric of polished aluminium, multiple colourways of both are available.

To get your own One Touch external drive and a range of other Seagate devices head on over to Makro.



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