Super Follows to answer the question of ‘how is Twitter free?’

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For years now there’s been a popular saying on social media “how is Twitter free?” usually as a response to a very good tweet. This tongue in cheek response usually refers to the enjoyment that can be had on the platform for no charge. Well it looks like that is going to change with Super Follows.

Super Follows were revealed in a an investor presentation according to sources like The Guardian with a mockup from it shared by others such as The Verge. This mockup shows a user being asked to Super Follow another user for the rather high amount of $4.99 (~R74.57) per month.

The mockup highlights benefits that will be received in exchange for the money, with the biggest being that person on the other end will receive part of the money. This will be another way, similar to services like Patreon, for people to support content creators they like.

The person paying will receive exclusive content with newsletters, a virtual badge, discounts, community access and more promised. Again, this is very similar to how Patreon and its contemporaries work.

The hashtag included in the mockup – #SuperFollowers – has been doing the rounds on Twitter as you may imagine. Looking past the jokes and most people seem either outright against the idea or confused by it.

As Twitter itself has not released an official announcement for Super Follows there’s no timeline for its release.

There’s also no date for another new featured announced called Communities which seems to just be a group feature which many other social media and messaging apps are. While we can see space for Super Follows as a way to support content creators Communities are more puzzling. Don’t you already follow and engage in communities on the platform by choosing who to follow?

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of