Teaser trailer confirms actual title for the next Spider-Man movie

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While much of the fanfare surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment is focused on Disney+ properties like WandaVision and the upcoming Falcon and The Winter Soldier series, one of its other hot properties just got a teaser trailer and new title. We are of course talking about Tom Holland and friends in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

This third Spider-Man film was unnamed up until now, but an official video on Twitter (embedded below) last night confirmed the title for the hotly anticipated project, which is currently scheduled for release on 17th December 2021 Stateside.

The lead up to the title reveal also involved a little hijinks between Holland and fellow co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, all of whom “teased” different possible joke titles on their respective Instagram accounts earlier in the week.

The joke here of course is the fact that Holland unsuspectingly revealed the title for the second Spider-Man film, Far From Home, during an Instagram video too. Whether that was just some clever marketing given Holland’s penchant for unexpectedly spilling secrets for Marvel films, is unclear.

Thankfully up until now though, the actor has been able to keep his lips sealed.

As for what the focus for No Way Home will be, it looks like some alternate reality Spider-Men will be added to the mix, based off of some of the rumours that have been floating around, as well as the animation for the title sequence above.

If true, it’s clear that Marvel is taking some inspiration from the Oscar award-winning Enter The Spider-Verse animated film, which certainly ranks among one of the best film variants of the webslinger in recent memory.

With 10 months to go until No Way Home hit cinemas, barring any COVID-19-related delays, there is still plenty of time before more rumours do the rounds. There’s also the chance that Holland pulls another Holland and inadvertently leaks more info ahead of time.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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