The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finally go to couples therapy

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It’s been a big weekend for the new series-focused MCU as WandaVision episode five does something super interesting that would be a massive spoiler to even mention, and we get a proper first trailer for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

We got a first look teaser in December and other brief looks at last year’s Super Bowl, but now there’s more to look at in the world of this new series and the future of the MCU once the aforementioned WandaVision finishes up its first season.

As expected the rivalry between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes is a central part of the trailer with the two seemingly forced into couples counselling… or something close to it.

That humorous setting aside there’s a lot to go over here despite the fact that the trailer is only around two minutes long. Zemo returns and is holding the famous purple mask which the original character rocked in the comics, Sharon Carter is back to beat up henchmen with what looks like a pipe and our two main characters have a staring contest.

There also seems to be a new faction of bad guys wearing masks featuring a red hand. This may be related to the character Flag Smasher but we obviously don’t know for sure yet.

As the trailer points out we’ll be seeing the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier come 19th March. The series is planned for six episodes that will release weekly.

Unfortunately, as we’ve stated many times before with other Disney+ content, the streaming service is still not available in South Africa and many other countries besides. This means that there’s no legal way for locals to watch the show and keep up with the MCU despite the fact that the movies were previously released at the same time (or sometimes earlier) as the US. There’s still time for a surprise Disney+ launch here before 19th March, but we doubt it.

Finally it’s worth mentioning that the release of this trailer also comes with a new poster for the show which you can see below. If you expand the poster, as revealed by the official Marvel Studios account, you can get a better look at Zemo and the purple sock mask.

The centre of the poster features US Agent in what looks to be a darker black suit compared to the more traditional, mostly blue one that we’ve seen glances of before.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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