Viva is a new employee experience platform built in Microsoft 365

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Last year, as many were focused to work remotely, the WFH fatigue set in fairly hard towards the end of 2020. The new year does not look to be any different from a remote working perspective, and employees are now expected to as productive, if not more so in some cases. It is why Microsoft has added a new employee-focused platform as part of its 365 offering called Viva.

This new offering features four tools in particular – Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Topics.

“Viva helps customers reimagine the employee experience by focusing on the power of people. This toolset will help employees be their best while working with hybrid and remote teams, ultimately driving the whole organisation forward,” explains a press release about the platform sent to Hypertext.

While the “power of people” line sounds a little grandiose, Microsoft breaks down each of the following tools like this:

  • “Viva Connections is the gateway to the employee experience, personalised to the organisation to provide a curated, branded hub for news, conversations and resources.
  • Viva Insights helps organisations improve work-life balance and manage employee wellbeing by identifying personalised and actionable insights for individuals, managers and leaders.
  • Viva Learning provides a central hub where employees can discover, share, assign and learn from content libraries across an organisation, helping expedite the onboarding process, among other things.
  • Viva Topics reduces wasted time spent searching for already-existing information by utilising AI to automatically organise content across systems and teams into related topics like projects, products or customers to make information more easily discoverable. This feature is available today.”

We’ve already seen Microsoft look to add more workplace and workforce features to its applications over the past year, with Teams getting added functionality and the launch of skills development portal too. Now Viva is looking to give employees even more tools, provided they find themselves in a business that makes use of Microsoft 365.

Moving forward Microsoft explains that a, “global network of services partners, including Accenture, PwC and EY will provide consulting and advisory services to help customers optimise their existing employee experience investments by bringing them together with Microsoft Viva.”

Whether it will work as intended and indeed assist employees strike that balance, remains to be seen.

[Image – Photo by Surface on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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