World of Tanks rolls onto Steam this year

World of Tanks, the popular armoured vehicle MMO, is finally making its way to Steam in 2021, more than a decade after its 2010 initial release.

For those new to the game the announcement tries to lure you in with promises of 160 million registered players, 600 vehicles with impeccable historic detail and lots of ways to drive, shoot and explode those vehicles in interesting ways.

“The content available to players is extensive and continues to grow. Large-scale updates with new armored vehicles, mechanics, and modes are released on a regular basis. In-game events such as tank races, football tournaments, and even rock concerts are held. The graphics, physics, and sound are constantly being improved. For example, the game moved to a new graphics engine and received a new orchestral soundtrack in 2018,” the announcement explains.

As purely outsiders we keep hearing mixed things about the game. It seems to fall into the unique genre of, “I’ve played a thousand hours of this game, but I hate it”. Looking at the discourse online about the Steam version of the game and it seems like the cynical take is this is simply a new hunting ground for World of Tanks to pull in more big real money spenders as there are many microtransactions to break the credit card out for.

As a free game on other platforms and now on Steam, we suppose the best thing to do is to simply download it and give it a bash ourselves, though this isn’t so simple for existing players who want to now play on Steam.

This is because a new account will need to be created to play World of Tanks on Steam. This means that players who have put all their hours – and money – into the game will need to remain elsewhere if they want to keep their progress.

“World of Tanks wasn’t initially designed as a game for several PC platforms, that’s why it’s impossible to use your current game account to enter the game via Steam. If you start playing World of Tanks on Steam, a new account will be created for you,” reads the explanation.

A deeper explanation of this account situation is provided in this Q&A article, but it’s really not convincing. Calling persistent accounts “impossible” is disingenuous at best at outright anti-consumer at worst. It really seems like this Steam launch is a way to bring in fresh blood to the game and those with existing accounts have been left behind.

If you could have sworn you’ve seen World of Tanks on Steam before, you’re probably thinking of World of Tanks Blitz. Blitz is a more mobile focused game with lower system requirements.

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