Ant-Man comes to Fortnite with a… creative writing exercise?

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Over the weekend Ant-Man became the latest Marvel character to be added to Fortnite as a skin along with a giant olive on a toothpick as a pickaxe and Ant-Tonio the ant as Back Bling. To mark the occasion in the past 24 hours, however, something stranger was done.

The official Fortnite Twitter account released a series of tweets detailing Ant-Man’s adventure in the game. Instead of a simple yarn spun by the writers at Epic each juncture in the story used a Twitter poll to let followers decide on what happens next.

It really strikes us as a creative writing exercise you may encounter in school albeit for one of the biggest games in the world right now.

The short story as it is is starts here but we’ve also got it below to save you a visit to the weird formatting of Twitter.

At each Twitter poll we also have the results complete with the percentage votes on each. It seems that quite a few people were invested in this endeavour has the poll garnered 28 279 votes. Subsequent polls got less votes but none dropped below ten thousand.

If you’re not one for this little exercise you can get Ant-Man in the Fortnite store in a bundle and there’s a challenge to take pictures of the new skin to make it seem like the full size character is actually small.

“Ant-Man was supposed to get here hours ago. According to Captain America’s last communication with him, the Storm was causing some interference with his suit. He’s worried that Ant-Man is stuck ant-sized somewhere and unable to change back.

Looking at video of Ant-Man’s last transmission, he seemed to be inside a fast food restaurant, which is as good a clue as any. We should start our search at–

  • Durr Burger | 65.3 percent
  • Fishsticks | 16.2 percent
  • Butter Barn | 18.5 percent

The greasy smell of fries hits your nostrils as you enter Durr Burger. Looks deserted. You’re about to leave when you hear the sound of a tiny voice shouting from the corner. Looks like it’s coming from an old take-out bag… and it’s being swarmed by BEES!

That’s gotta be Ant-Man trapped in that bag. How are we going to save him from those buzzing pests?

  • Grab the bag and run! | 56.9 percent
  • Swat the bees away | 18.8 percent
  • Knock the bag over | 24.4 percent

Moving as fast as you can, you grab the bag and run out of the restaurant. But outrunning bees is no easy task, and they give chase! Inside the bag, Ant-Man is trying to fix his size-changer as quickly as he can, you just need to buy him time.

Those bees are hot on your tail now, so you need to make sure this doesn’t become an all-out sting-fest! The best strategy to buy you and Ant-Man more time is clearly–

  • Be intimidating | 19.5 percent
  • Run faster | 47.9 percent
  • Find a flyswatter | 32.6 percent

You run as fast as you can, the bees coming close behind. Your lungs are burning, it’s looking close, but hopefully it’s buying Ant-Man the time he needs!

Finally, there’s a FLASH as Ant-Man fixes his suit and returns to normal size! Phew! The bees are so shocked they take off and head back to the woods from whence they came. Ant-Man gives you a grateful look as you both decide to–

  • Stay and enjoy some lunch | 50 percent
  • Get ready for the fight | 50 percent

Deliciously dangerous battle-brunches coming right up! Take the battle to-go as Ant-Man savors the adventures awaiting him on the island with Captain America.”

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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