AOC scores top trumps and leads the gaming monitor market

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AOC has for the second year running, been named as the market-share leader in gaming monitors by research firm IDC.

This is welcome news but it’s also not surprising.

While AOC does have a range of gaming monitors, its full lineup consists of monitors for everybody. Whether you’re a student in need of something bigger than your Chromebook or an esports professional looking to improve your frags per game, then AOC probably has a monitor to suit your needs.

AOC’s drive to work in sync with current performance trends has resulted in higher refresh rates including a whopping 360Hz monitor. AOC has also been quick to ship larger panel sizes, 1000R curvature, mini-LED backlighting, and, in answer to increasing demand, “Super Wide” and “Ultra Wide” (21:9 and 32:9) monitors.

Add in all the benefits of the 240Hz refresh rates selected in many models and Nvidia G-SYNC Ultimate and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro anti-tearing technologies and it is clear to see users get the very best gaming experience.

“AOC’s ongoing advancements in monitor technologies have been key to our market successes, and we’re particularly proud of some of the high-end monitor ranges that we’ve launched, such as the premium Agon4, the Porsche Design collaboration, and the G3 Series. These will provide benchmark platforms for our efforts to consolidate our current market position in gaming monitors, with ongoing success a real goal, as we continue to listen and work with the gaming community, and in particular its new members, globally,” general manager of MMD Singapore, Kevin Wu said of the accomplishment.

Beyond simply making monitors, AOC has spent 2020 investing in esports through team sponsorships and tournaments.

The AOC Masters Tournament esports event in Asia in 2020, quickly gained an enthusiastic online following, with tens of thousands of participants and followers tracking the fortunes of the esports teams as they battled for the inaugural Masters crown.

The brand also entered long-term partnerships with Red Bull and the International Esports Federation.

“We feel this achievement is a significant recognition of the design and brand excellence that we strive to maintain, even in a situation where this high-growth sector has been given an unexpected boost by the pandemic. Populations worldwide looked for answers to the boredom of being forced to stay home, while many also needed to invest in new equipment for Working from Home (WFH). Going forward, we are determined to continue our leadership role in this hugely competitive field,” said Wu.

With 2021 still very much an open field, we’re sure AOC wants to scoop a third year as the market-share leader in gaming monitors and we’re very excited to see what innovations the brand can introduce to the market this year.

Gaming monitors are defined by IDC as having a refresh rate of at least 100Hz.

For more information about AOC monitors, gaming or otherwise head here.



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