Avengers gets Black Panther, next gen release, roadmap & more

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The 2020 game Marvel’s Avengers continues to receive support going into 2021 and today there’s been a massive influx of new content and news for future content, with the star of the show being Black Panther.

The character will be star of the show for an upcoming expansion called “War for Wakanda” with the pair having a trailer embedded below.

While short we do learn that War for Wakanda will contain some kind of invasion of the fictional African country by AIM and big bad Monica Rappaccini. A new villain, at least for this game, is Ulysses Klaue, also known as simply “Klaw”.

Wakanda itself will be a new place to explore for players as a “jungle biome” that also contains new enemies and other additional content.

No release date has been provided for this expansion just yet but an announcement reveals that it will be coming this year and will represent the single largest content update to the game since launch.

The same announcement also reveals the 2021 roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers and places War for Wakanda in “Summer and beyond”. The US Summer is between June and August so we may see the Black Panther some time around then.

The other reveals in this roadmap are rather exciting with our favourite being the Tachyon Anomaly which will allow duplication of characters in a Strike Team. This isn’t possible right now and will allow us to roll out with four different Iron Man armours to replicate the end of Iron Man 3.

“Our focus moving forward is to deliver new content that is compelling to play and replay again while offering better rewards. We are expanding upon what the Avengers Initiative currently has to offer to provide more choices for players when they hop in game and have completed all the Operations. We do want to mention that this roadmap could potentially change depending on the ever-changing world of game development, but we also feel confident about what we have presented here and hope it also excites you,” the announcement reads.

For those more interested in content they can play right now the new playable character Hawkeye and the new missions under the Future Imperfect mini expansion are out now.

We covered this content here but the TL:DR is that Hawkeye is involved in some timey wimey / alternate reality shenanigans in a post-apocalyptic scenario that sees the Hulk turn evil and take on the persona of Maestro.

Finally there’s the release of the game on the next gen platforms PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Owners of the game on previous gen consoles can get upgraded for free to experience all manner of upgrades which are shown off in yet another trailer below.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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