Classic Doom re-release comes with a metal keycard replica

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Limited Run Games, as company famous for its special physical editions, has announced “DOOM: The Classics Collection” that will combine Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 into a single bundle filled with feelies including a metal replica of the famous keycard.

The collection is available in multiple variations for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. The Collector’s Edition, which you can see in the header image above, includes the most content and has the highest price tag of $129.99 (~R1 944) on both consoles.

Aside of the size of the game cases it’s worth pointing out the colours of the keycards: Switch gets red and PS4 gets blue.

The full contents of the Collector’s Edition can be found below:

  • Switch / PS4 Limited Run DOOM: The Classics Collection games
  • Full-color manual
  • Premium die-cut windowed box
  • Detailed shadow box featuring activated LED lights and sound. When activated the shadow box plays the iconic E1M1 music!
  • Reversible coversheet
  • Red metal keycard replica (Switch) / blue metal keycard replica (PS4)
  • Official Nintendo Switch sized SteelBook (Switch) / Official G2 Blu-ray sized SteelBook (PS4)
  • 8GB DOOM Shareware Disk USB (USB drive will be empty)
  • Marine helmet PVC keychain
  • Set of three 9″ x 6″ art prints
  • Reprint Of The Original 1996 16-Page DOOM Comic originally sold in the id Anthology box set

For those who don’t want to spend that much money other options are available.

The Special Edition contains many of the same items but lacks the intricate box which plays music. It sells for $79.99 (~R1 196).

Finally DOOM: The Classics Collection can be bought on its own for $39.99 (~R598). This has no frills and simply packs the three games into a single physical box. The reversible game cover remains but that’s it.

As you may have guessed by the name Limited Run Games these products will not be available forever and are usually gone forever once they sell out. If you’d like to snag one you’ll need to put your money down when orders open on 2nd April.

Collector’s Edition

Special Edition 

Regular Edition 

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Clinton Matos

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