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Dying Light 2 comes out of hiding, er sort of anyway

Dying Light 2 has had a rather rough go of things since being announced way back in June 2018. Putting aside rumours of development hell, staff leaving and countless other hearsay, there’s just been a lot of radio silence about the project from developer and publisher Techland.

That changes today though only in the strictest sense as the official Dying Light YouTube channel has been update with a simply-named video: “Dying Light 2 Update – March 2021”.

Embedded below the video is rather odd. It starts with Techland staff reading tweets about the game sarcastically. It’s just about a carbon copy of the Mean Tweets segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

That’s not the important part, however. After the late-night talk show ripoff it’s acknowledged that it’s been a long time since the public was updated about the game. We then get a quick snipped of gameplay and, oddly, the promise of more news to come.

We’re really not sure what the point of this video was. Why make this production to announce news? It’s like the terrible trend in the movie industry where they release teaser trailers for upcoming trailers. It’s superfluous.

The biggest reveal here happens right at the end where we get confirmation that Dying Light 2 is scheduled for release in 2021. That could of course change at some point or be subject to delays, but it’s nice to see regardless.

If you want to be a bit more involved in all of this the public is invited to join the Dying Light 2 Discord server to leave questions about the game. These questions will then be answered in the future.

With disappointments like Marvel’s Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077 still fresh in our minds from 2020, we’re not really swayed by all of this. 2015’s Dying Light is still one of our favourite zombie games and is absolutely worth playing in current times.

A sequel that improves and expands on the first would be fantastic, but things aren’t looking too promising right now. Hopefully future updates can assuage these worries and there’s eventually a great game to play later this year.

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