EA Play finally comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC today

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Late last year Microsoft announced that the EA subscription service EA Play would be added to Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost to subscribers. While this happened for Xbox consoles, it was delayed on PC until now.

Today, EA Play titles will be made available on Xbox Game Pass for PC. The exact time for this update is 14:00 Pacific Time, which is rather late in South Africa with the local time being 23:00.

With some time to kill before the new games go live we can cover some extra details thanks to an official update about the services on the Xbox Wire site.

The Xbox Game Pass team thanks PC players for their patience as they’ve had to wait a few extra months for EA Play, and points out the new benefits they can look forward to including: 60+ EA games, monthly DLC rewards, exclusive in-game content and 10 hour trails of certain games.

“March rewards include: Gold Team Fantasy MUT packs and an EA Play Celebration Pack for Madden 21, a N7 Weapon Charm for Apex Legends and more,” the announcement reads.

Now for the bad but very much expected news. To make use of EA Play you will need to download the EA desktop app and link some accounts.

The full process of doing this is outlined in the video below, but here is it in brief:

  • Sign into the Xbox app
  • Choose a new EA game to install
  • Install the EA desktop app
  • Sing into your EA account
  • Link your EA account to your Xbox (Microsoft) account
  • Download the game and play

This process is very much similar to how EA Play on Steam works. For the naïve and optimistic we have to burst your bubble and let you know that EA’s external programme will need to be run every single time you fire up a game, so you can’t just use it for the initial setup and then purge it from your PC – it will need to stay there sucking up resources as long as you intended to play these games.

But which games to use your time on? In January EA Play was offered on Steam for a discount and, while this promotion recently ended, it gave us the opportunity to recommend some games to you here.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.