Everything coming to Netflix in April 2021

This week is a rather short one thanks to Good Friday and Family Day taking place on 2nd and 5th April respectively.

South Africans are anxious about the possibility of a stricter lockdown heading into the long weekend, but for now there is no confirmation of such from government.

Thankfully, Netflix has detailed a smorgasbord of new content heading to the platform throughout the month of April. Something we can’t help but smile at is the arrival of The Lost World: Jurassic Park on 1st April. In a recent episode of the htxt.africast, we moaned about the fact that this was the only Jurassic Park movie from the original trilogy that wasn’t available on Netflix. Looks like we can finally have that Jurassic Park marathon we’ve been planning.

Other licensed content heading to Netflix next month includes:

As for original content, it’s a going to be a busy month what with new seasons of The Circle and Prank Encounters hitting the streaming service. We’re also incredibly excited for Dead Places which arrives mid-way through the month.

Here’s everything coming to Netflix in South Africa this month.

1st April

2nd April

5th April

6th April

7th April

8th April

9th April

12th April

13th April

14th April

15th April

16th April

18th April

20th April

21st April

22nd April

23rd April

27th April

28th April

29th April

30th April

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