Fan film Astartes moved from YouTube to official 40K site

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Fan films are rather common, but what’s rarer is these kinds of projects being officially adopted by the owners of the franchise that the work is based on. That is, however, exactly what has happened to the amazing Astartes fan animated film that became famous on YouTube.

If you visit the Astartes channel on YouTube you will, unfortunately, find all five parts of the project removed. This is because they have been officially uploaded to the Warhammer Community website and the creator behind it has joined Games Workshop, the parent company of Warhammer 40K.

The sole video remaining on the Astartes channel is soundless static image of the announcement below:

The five parts of the fan animations have been combined into a single video which you can watch right here.

The move has not left the project unscathed, however. Some music has been changed as well as certain parts of the animation. These are relatively small, however, with the biggest upset being the very end of the video. In the original part five of Astartes there is what seems to be a teaser for future animations showing all manner of characters and scenarios in the universe. This has been removed from the new upload.

For more information there is an announcement on Warhammer Community which includes a statement from Syama Pedersen, the talented animator behind this project.

“[I’m] super excited for Astartes to transition to an official project! I never would have thought this would be happening, and I can’t thank the amazing fans enough for their encouragement. It’s been my dream to animate Warhammer 40,000 ever since playing Space Crusade as a kid, and I’m pumped to work with the real deal Warhammer guys at Games Workshop to bring the fans the best Astartes action possible,” Pedersen says.

We always knew that the original five part animation was going to receive a follow-up, but this announcement confirms that this will be happening under the guidance of Games Workshop.

On top of this news is the fact that the Warhammer Animation Team has even more content on the way. Three projects are said to be in the works called Iron Within, Primaris: The Last Templar and The Exodite. These three will be created with help from outsides studios Codex Film, PaxelArt and Lost Legion Studios respectively.

We are also given a first look at The Exodite, which is focused on the Warhammer 40K race the T’au. This race of creatures is a bit of a meme in the 40K community because of the way they function in the tabletop game, but we’re always liked them and we’re happy to see them getting more attention.

Strangely the trailer for The Exodite is available on YouTube, and you can watch it in the embedded below.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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