Fortnite on Switch gets a significant performance bump

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The Nintendo Switch port of Fortnite has received a free update that is promising to have a massive effect on the game’s performance by making better use of the console’s GPU.

“The update provides significantly improved resolution both in handheld and docked modes, resulting in images that are less blurry, without loss of performance. The update also provides a more consistent framerate, with fewer hitches, resulting in a smoother experience overall,” reads the announcement.

Epic Games is promising that, while a dynamic resolution will still be used, drops will be less frequent and players can enjoy a more consistent experience in this arena. It has provided some expected resolution numbers with handheld play supposedly seeing a 38 percent increase.

  • Handheld: 1170 X 660 (up from 1000 X 560)
  • Docked: 1560 X 880 (up from 1390 X 780)

The final boon for Nintendo Switch players is a reduction of install size. After the update, which is available right now, Fortnite should take up 140MB less on your Switch’s internal memory or SD card.

As a console that struggles with resolution, FPS and install size this update is very much appreciated. While there’s still constant rumours about some kind of upgraded Nintendo Switch in the works but that still doesn’t have an official announcement and no one really knows when people will be able to buy it (if it exists).

Players are going to continue using the Switch’s hardware that was already outdated when it launched in 2017. We have to imagine that, even if a “Nintendo Switch Pro” or similar is released many people will stick to the hardware they already own. This is all forgetting about the current electronics shortages plaguing the industry right now.

For now Epic Games, despite all its poor reputation, continues to provide welcome support like this to its headlining product.

Below is a before and after shot of some trees to show off the higher fidelity that this update is supposed to provide.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of