Get a handful of Gold Points by buying Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online, the paid subscription for the console, currently has a promotion running for anyone purchasing it for the first time and for those renewing.

Between now and 10th May 2021 buying a 12 month Nintendo Switch Online subscription will reward purchasers with Gold Points.

As a reminder Gold Points are the more sought after fake currency that Nintendo Offers. Gold Points have a monetary value and are usually awarded for purchases of games. This is in comparison to the less useful Silver Points which are awarded for playing games and are usually only good for unlocking small pieces of DLC in certain Nintendo titles.

An individual 12 month membership grants 200 Gold Points, while a family plan 12 month membership is good for 300 Gold Points.

So what’s the value prospect here?

Every country is a bit different when it comes to how the points translate into real money. In South Africa one Gold Point is equal to just ten cents. This would mean that the promotion equates to a R20 and R30 “rebate” of sorts on your purchase, but that isn’t the case.

The localised version of this promotion is ever so slightly more generous, however, according to the local announcement page:

  • “Receive R26.00 worth of Gold Points when you purchase or renew a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership.
  • Receive R46.00 worth of Gold Points when you purchase or renew a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership”

In South Africa a 12 month Individual Membership costs R262 and Family Membership costs R459.

Even with the higher return for local buyers this promotion is really isn’t too exciting. It seems to just be a nice little gesture for those who were already planning on buying or renewing a subscription anyway.

If you fall into that description there is some things to note. Firstly remember that Gold Points expire after 12 months, so you don’t have all the time in the world to bank points to redeem towards a large purchase.

Secondly this promotion has some caveats and restrictions which you can read below:

“Offer valid once per Nintendo Account. Gold Points will be provided within approximately one month of each qualified purchase or renewal.

Includes memberships purchased via automatic renewal.

Excludes upgrades to a Family Membership from an ongoing 12-month Individual Membership”


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