htxt.africast – The frustrating world of streaming in South Africa

As we exit outside another bout of loadshedding in South Africa, the africast returns yet again to talk about the frustrating and unique world of streaming in South Africa.

Before that, however, let’s touch on some of the biggest news stories of the week.

First up is EA Play, another subscription service for games. Unlike the fracturing of streaming services, however, EA Play is now part of Xbox Game Pass on PC for no additional purchase making the latter even more enticing.

Next is Samsung which could be skipping 2021 when it comes to releasing a new Note device. Like every electronics maker in the world the pandemic and component shortages have made production difficult and Samsung may be taking this year off to make something better in 2022.

Lastly for news it’s loadshedding, a situation that actually changed in the middle of recording this episode. Thankfully it appears that South Africans will have the lights on for this long weekend.

For the meat and potatoes of this show let’s talk streaming. The Snyder Cut – or should we refer to its proper name “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” – finally released this week. For Americans it’s an exclusive to the HBO Max streaming service, leaving most of the world scrambling to find where this movie actually is.

For us in South Africa it made its way, rather oddly, to the small Video Play platform operated by Vodacom. Arguably the biggest movie event so far this year highlights the confusion, anti-consumer practices and legal problems that we face in this country when it comes to streaming.

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