Mario products discounted by 10% in South Africa for Mario Day

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March 10th – AKA Mar10 – is international Mario Day every year and in 2021 South Africans can celebrate with a sale seeing many Nintendo products reduced by 10 percent.

The sale is being held on the official store of the Nintendo distributor in the country here. By our count there are more than a hundred items listed in the sale but, oddly, not everything included actually has the 10 percent discount.

If you’re shopping around pay attention to the very small “sale” indicator in the top left corner of the product tiles. For example see the red Mario and green Luigi shirts below. The Mario shirt does not have reduced price right now but the Luigi one does. Ironic really.

Looking through the sale and some standouts include the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit bundles (both Mario and Luigi versions) for R2 249.

Single amiibos are all selling for R269 including Wedding Peach, Wedding Mario, Wedding Bowser, SSB Collection Mario, SSB Collection Luigi, SSB Collection Bowser Jnr, SSB Collection Peach and SSB Collection Bowser.

For software most games with Mario in the title have been discounted as well as some others which don’t such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate.

We have to say we’re a bit disappointed in this Mario Day sale. While we would usually remark that Nintendo products almost never go on sale and that anything like this is welcome, we’ve seen many products here get similar or deeper discounts at other retailers.

On that note we highly recommend checking said other retailers before pulling the trigger here.

We’re also disappointed to see a big ticket item escape the 10 percent discount, that being the new Mario Red and Blue Edition Nintendo Switch. As we reported on at launch this console costs the same R7 999 as the regular Switch. A discount here would have been appreciated especially because the Nintendo Switch console is still very overpriced in South Africa after the massive RRP increase from last year.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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