New game plus comes to Marvel’s Avengers

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The ability to replay a singleplayer campaign without resetting unlocks – usually called “new game plus” – has become rather popular in new releases. Now Marvel’s Avengers will receive the same treatment.

While not specifically called new game plus it seems to be functionally identical according to the announcement:

“The Campaign Replay allows you to replay the entire Reassemble Campaign from the beginning. It works by resetting your campaign progress to the start of the story, meaning that you will have to play the campaign over from the first mission. While your data tracking campaign progress will be reverted, you will not lose any player progression like XP, character progress, and collectibles obtained up until this point,” reads the post on Steam.

To access Campaign Replay you will find a button titled “Reset Campaign Progress” showing up in Operation Picker button legend bar next to the “Continue” button. After a warning message you can reset the campaign and play it again.

There’s two unique quirks to this: the first is that there is no limit to the amount of resets which can be done, so go wild. The second is that you don’t actually need to complete the campaign to access the reset.

“Keep in mind that the Campaign Reset button will only be available on the operation picker once you’ve progressed past the opening cinematic and into A-Day gameplay in the Reassemble Campaign. Once Kamala has disembarked from the Quinjet, the Campaign Reset option will be available upon returning to the main menu from this point forward. You will need to reach this availability threshold each time you reset the campaign,” the announcement continues.

For those who have not played the game this moment in the story happens relatively early in. We’re not entirely sure why the option is presented so early in the game, but we’ll never complain about giving players more ways to interface with a game.

No date is provided for when this feature will be available. We have to guess that it will be from 18th March, as that’s when the game will receive several updates including customisable HARM Rooms. The HARM Room content is also detailed in the same announcement of the Campaign Replay.

We’re not entirely sure that a new game plus option is what Marvel’s Avengers needs to bring in new players or entice old ones back. The recent XP reduction debacle and the legacy of a terrible launch don’t paint the picture of a game people are rushing to play.

Still the updates keep rolling in and maybe Avengers can be saved still.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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