Not an April Fool’s joke: Outriders on Xbox Game Pass on 1st April

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You may have heard some whispers that People Can Fly’s latest game Outriders will be on Xbox Game Pass on launch, and now we have official word that it will thanks to Microsoft.

The announcement on Xbox Wire assures readers that this is not an April Fool’s joke as Outriders will launch on 1st April and be available to Game Pass subscribers for no extra fee.

Before we get deeper into this we do need to temper the excitement as Game Pass subscribers on PC are once again being left out. Outriders will only be available for Xbox consoles as well as mobile devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

PC players, as well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners, will still need to buy the game as normal on 1st April should they want to play.

Back to Game Pass and not much else is provided in the announcement aside from a description of the game.

“Outriders is set in the distant future where players attempt to colonize a planet that they believe to be a new home for humanity. Turns out, the planet doesn’t want them there. Oops. A mysterious storm called the Anomaly burnt out all the tech that’s more advanced than a lightbulb, hyper-evolved the wildlife into ferocious monsters, and colonization efforts broke down into a bitter war of attrition for the last remaining resources available to humanity,” writes Megan Spurr, Community Lead, Xbox Game Pass.

Thankfully you don’t need to just read about the game to decide if you want to play it. The Outriders demo is still available on all platforms so you can put a good few hours into the title before making the decision. If you’re on Game Pass on console or mobile you may as well just wait a bit and download the full game and experience that as a demo. You’ve really got nothing to lose in that scenario except maybe some extra time for the download.

After playing the demo we were left very underwhelmed by Outriders. It can offer up some decent third person shooting fun but it’s rather shallow and very rough around the edges. Hopefully the game has been polished up since then and the finished product will improve on the demo.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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