Not keen on Video Play? Snyder Cut now available on the Play Store & Apple TV in SA

Ahead of last week’s long weekend, the Snyder Cut was launched in selected parts of the globe. At the time, only Vodacom’s Video Play streaming platform had access to the four-hour long film in South Africa, with rumours that the Google Play Store would also be getting access.

For the latter, that has now arrived, with the Google Play Movies listing Zack Snyder’s Justice League on its website. Options to get your hands on the movie include renting at R44.99 with up to 4K visuals available depending on the device you intend to play the 242-minute film on, as well as the ability to buy it at a whopping R213.99 at 4K too.

If you’re not a part of the Android ecosystem, there is also a legal way to watch the film on iOS and macOS devices via Apple TV. The online portal for Apple TV also listed the Snyder Cut recently, with it too costing R44.99 to rent for 48 hours from time you begin watching. If you want to own this four-hour epic, it costs less than Play Movies at R169.99. You will, however, needs access to a device that supports Apple TV, along with having an Apple ID.

Having tried the Video Play and Apple TV options ourselves, we can safely say that the former is sorely lacking in terms of functionality. Yes, it is cheaper to rent or download the Snyder Cut on Vodacom’s platform as it costs R40, but the experience of the platform itself leaves a lot to be desired.

This as something simple like casting or mirroring the video from your smartphone to a compatible Smart TV is extremely difficult and often leads to a loss of audio. The video quality also does not do justice (apologies for the pun) to the film, which is best enjoyed on as large a screen as possible, especially given its length.

As such, opting for either the Google Play or Apple TV comes highly recommended over the Video Play one as you’ll have far fewer headaches, provided you have not forked out R40 already via Vodacom.

As we detailed extensively in the latest edition of the africast, streaming in South Africa needs a lot more work given the current hurdles. If more options are made available to consumers, perhaps piracy would fall as a result?

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