NSFAS warns of yet another scam using its name

If you’re a student with funding through the The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), a parent of a student or someone involved in the education system, you may have recently come across a scam PDF floating around claiming to be an official communication from the organisation.

The PDF – and images of it – is titled “Circular notice no.5 of 2021 (for universities only)” and looks rather official with the NSFAS logo and watermark. The document addresses allowances and appeals for those who have sought funding but were denied.

This document is fake news according to NSFAS who issued this statement today:

“The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is aware of the falsified document called ‘Circular Notice No. 5 of 2021’ circulating on social media platforms regarding 2021 NSFAS Allowances and 2021 Appeals for universities. NSFAS can confirm that the document is fake and should not be considered.”

For those interested in what the actual document looks like NSFAS has supplied us with a screenshot of it which has the file name of simply NSFAS.pdf.


Unfortunately this example of the false document is rather low resolution making it difficult to see what the aim of it is.

Zooming right in to try and decipher the text the first topic addresses is the aforementioned appeals. An official announcement of appeals was made recently which should be followed by those affected. You can see our how to guide on this here.

The next topic addressed in the fake document is that of allowances, the amount of these allowances and dates for student funding.

With #NSFAS trending on Twitter and other social media platforms false information like this can spread rather fast.

For those experiencing déjà vu it may be because NSFAS issued a similar alert of a scam using its name last month. That particular scam took the form of a fake website asking students to provide their login details.

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