See Iron Man in action in Marvel Future Revolution

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Since being announced more than a year ago we’ve seen very little of Marvel Future Revolution, an upcoming game that’s billed as “Marvel’s first open world RPG on mobile“. Today, however, we do get to see more of the game as Iron Man gameplay is revealed.

The trailer, entitled “The Golden Avenger Arrives” reveals quite a bit despite being rather short. We see in the character select that Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Captain America are also all here, though we did see them in the official reveal in 2020 too.

Iron Man will be playable at launch, but we still have no idea when Marvel Future Revolution is going to be released.

That niggle aside the gameplay looks rather good with the most obvious comparison being 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers, a PC and console AAA $60 game that failed to impress on just about every level.

The two share a lot in common aside from just the characters, as both are third-person action games where you fight against AIM.

In comparison to that Marvel Future Revolution does look a bit rough around the edges but still suitably impressive for a mobile title. We would have liked to see some on-screen controls for the trailer above so we could judge the gameplay a bit better though. Hopefully there will be some depth here and this won’t be a simplified, low button count affair.

Marvel Future Revolution is being made by developer Netmarble which is seasoned company when it comes to mobile games. As mentioned above no release date or any release details have been revealed so far, but you can sign up for a newsletter to get those details emailed to you in the future.

Along with Iron Man the characters Black Widow and Storm will be playable at launch. Unlike Marvel’s Avengers this game will have access to a larger variety of Marvel characters including the X-Men.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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