Six reasons to pre-order the new Huawei Mate 40 Pro

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When it comes to flagship phones in 2021, Huawei has been a little quiet. That lack of moment is set to change in a big way in the coming weeks, however, as Huawei has brought its new Mate 40 Pro flagship phone into South Africa, bringing the latest iteration in the beloved Mate series of devices to the country for consumers who want a smartphone that is as handsome as it is powerful.

The Mate 40 Pro is now available for pre-order on the Huawei Mobile South Africa online store, before it officially launches on 1st April.

As the company often likes to do when it comes to ecommerce, the Mate 40 Pro will also feature new exclusive offers, which include bundling of a handful of Huawei smart devices to compliment your smartphone and create an impressive Huawei ecosystem.

Valued at R5 897 if they were purchased separately, the Mate 40 Pro pre-order offer includes the active noise cancelling FreeBuds 4i wireless earphones, fitness-focused Watch GT 2e, highly accurate Smart Scale and comprehensive Huawei VIP Service. To further sweeten the offer, those who chose to pay R500 up front, will also receive an additional R1 500 discount off of the total cost of the package, which retails for a recommended R19 999.

Looking at the Mate 40 Pro itself, outside of Huawei’s generous bundle, the smartphone boasts some impressive technology in its own right and is arguably the company’s most advanced flagship phone to date.

Here are six reasons attesting to that, and why you should definitely consider pre-ordering the Mate 40 Pro.

Latest silicon

Huawei has pushed the boundaries of processors when it comes to the Mate 40 Pro. This as the new flagship phone is sporting the company’s new Kirin 9000 5G SoC which is supremely powerful and supports 5G connectivity, but also boasts a new 5nm architecture to claim the title of the most advanced mobile silicon that Huawei has created to date.

Picture perfect

Having set the standard when it comes to mobile photography for a number of years now, the Mate 40 Pro takes things even further by placing a large 50MP Ultra Vision Camera lens to capture all the nuance and detail that you could want and leveraging the 20MP UltraWide Cine Camera to add an extra degree of clarity and deliver superb video recording.

Unrivalled selfies

It is not just on the rear where Huawei has paid attention, as the equally crucial selfie camera is a 13MP wide-angle Ultra Vision affair which allows you to capture selfies from two different angles. When social distance is no longer something we need worry about, this selfie camera will come in handy when taking pictures with friends.

Supercharge times two

Another area where Huawei has excelled of late is battery life, and the Mate 40 Pro is no different. Fitted with a mammoth 4 400mAh battery, for other other smartphone makers that would be enough, but Huawei has also seen fit to give this device the double whammy of 66W wired (USB Type-C) super charging, as well as 50W wireless super charging that works in combination with one another to serve up unrivalled charging capabilities.

Hands free

In the pandemic era, contactless is king, and Huawei has ensured the Mate 40 Pro can meet those needs. To that end, this latest iteration of EMUI 11 coupled with the front facing gesture sensor of the phone combine to recognise different sweeps of the hand without physically touching the device in order to intuitively navigate through menus, apps and settings with ease.

Double the security

Lastly security, which has become increasingly important of late as this smartphone features two biometric modes of unlocking your device to keep it as secure as possible. This includes new 3D Face ID which has been enhanced to work in low light conditions, along with an in-screen fingerprint sensor that offers users the ability to use either or both solutions to keep prying eyes at bay.

Priced at R19 999 (RRP), the Huawei Mate 40 Pro will be one of the most coveted smartphones of 2021, with savvy consumers taking advantage of this week’s pre-order offer that throws in far more added value than you’d find with other mobile brands.

To find out how to pre-order the new Mate 40 Pro for yourself, head here.



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