South African Nintendo hardware discounted slightly in March

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The official distributor of Nintendo in South Africa has announced that Switch consoles, as well as the Game & Watch, will receive various discounts this month.

Here’s what has been discounted and the length of each sale. Click on the [Link] portion of each to be taken to the official store.

  • Nintendo Switch: R7 699 | Regular price: R7 999 | On sale between 4th and 7th March | [Link]
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: R4 499 | Regular price: R4 999 | On sale between 1st and 31st March | [Link]
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing bundle: R4 999 | Regular price: R6 199 | On sale between 1st and 31st March | [Link]
  • Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.: R999 | Regular price: R1 299 | On sale between 1st and 31st March | [Link]

After the massive price increase of Nintendo products last year, and the fact that the company is known for not reducing the price of items over the time, any sale is appreciated, even if its just a few hundred Rand.

As with all official sales like this we always recommend checking out third party retailers. This isn’t just to maybe find things cheaper, but also because it may be more convenient to shop elsewhere. Takealot, for example, has some of the sales above on its site too. Buying from there also means you could pick up other items in a single purchase. Gotta make the most of that free delivery.

Our advice remains to follow the fantastic Cheap Gamer Twitter account which diligently points its followers in the direction of good deals in South Africa.

Before buying a Switch we do have to point in the direction of recent rumours that some kind of revision is coming to the console. Apparently Nintendo has picked up some Samsung screens for a new Switch planned for this year. It may be worth waiting a little while longer to get this console if you’ve already waited all this time.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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