Still confused by Deathloop? Here’s an explainer from the game director

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After a delay last year, Deathloop is chugging along for its release in a few months but some people may still be confused about the central premise and hook of the game presented right there in the title.

To address this publisher Bethesda has released a “Deathloop explained” video embedded at the bottom of this story. In it, Game Director Dinga Bakaba gives everyone a rundown about what we can expect in the game and some titbits of new information.

First the summary: Deathloop is a murder puzzle FPS game set in a time loop where victory is based on killing eight characters called Visionaries. The entire island of Blackreef, where the game is set, is out to stop you so you’ll need to cut a bloody swathe through the population using a variety of guns and supernatural powers.

For some of the newer information we find out that those guns and powers will persist between deaths and you can find powerful artefacts which can modify your firearms.

Even more interesting is the number of variables you have to juggle to kill the eight Visionaries. Aside from needing to reach them all in the same day you also have to juggle the four distinct districts of Blackreef across four time periods of the day (morning, noon, afternoon and night).

Bakaba plots these factors into a table indicating that you need to line things up exactly to get a successful run and win the game.

Speaking of Bakaba we did have a good laugh at this post on his Twitter account recently combing the header image above and the famous Pepe Silvia scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Deathloop is planned to launch on PlayStation 5 and PC on 21st May. As has been discussed many times before we may see it also launch on Xbox consoles in the future as Microsoft now owns Bethesda. There’s been no official announcement of this since the acquisition, however, so that’s just speculation at this point.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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