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You should be watching: Highlight Reel (on its own channel)

Arguably the best thing on the Kotaku YouTube channel was a series called Highlight Reel which took glitched, funny, interesting or otherwise unique gaming moments and edited them together into an easily digestible package once per week.

If you were a subscriber to Highlight Reel or just causally used to watch them as they became recommended on YouTube, you may have been missing them for the past few months.

That’s because the show, and the person behind it Chris Person, have broken away from Kotaku after he was laid off. After a break Highlight Reel returned to YouTube as its own channel with exactly the same format, and it has been trucking along since late last year.

In the announcement video, embedded below, Person explains that the show will (and has) gone on thanks to Patreon support.

In the comments of that video Person also points out that a union helped fight to make sure that he kept the rights to the show, which is great news as these independant videos released since the split have all kept the same high quality, perfectly mixing clips with minimal narration and editing.

Yes there are other video makers like this on YouTube but Highlight Reel really has been the gold standard in our eyes. There’s no permanent facecam for a gormless presenter to make funny faces at, no long intros or outros with plugs for merch and no terrible added talking that explains what we’re already seeing on the screen.

Each Highlight Reel video is released late on Thursday nights and usually range from 10 to 15 minutes making them perfect to get through piecemeal or to binge in one sitting which we hope this story will convince you to do if you haven’t watched before.

To get you going we’ve made a playlist of all the episodes on the new channel, which is numbers 557 to 584. Enjoy.

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