12 popular South African bursaries and when to apply

Written by Rob Khala, blogger.

A bursary gives a qualified but financially-strapped student the chance to further their studies. Receiving a bursary is an excellent way to pay for the cost of education. South African and international students at different levels of study in South Africa can apply for these bursaries offered by various reputed organisations. Applicants for these bursaries should make sure that they meet all the requirements as these vary for each bursary.

To cut short your work to look for the best options, here are 12 popular bursaries in South Africa.

Funza Lushaka

Application Season: Opens Autumn 2021

The bursary offered by the Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme aims to support teaching studies. It’s available to qualified students interested in completing a teaching degree. The recipients of these bursaries must serve as teachers in a public school. The value of the bursary will cover most of the recipient’s necessary expenses including tuition fees, accommodation, meals, learning materials, books, and a monthly allowance for living expenses. This is part of the NSFAS Online application.

Standard Bank Learnership

Application Season: Three intakes every year in April; June and September

Standard Bank strives to offer outstanding leadership in the banking sector, the bursaries they offer are for students who have the enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and talent for the banking business. This gives interested candidates a number of options to choose from. Interested students may apply for the Standard Bank Learnership by filling the online application form based on their area of specialisation or occupation in the banking industry.

Motsepe Foundation Bursary

Application Season: Middle of September 2021

The Motsepe Foundation has made a number of significant contributions in terms of global health. The foundation makes investments in the future of urban and rural communities. For this, they have more than 1 800 bursaries over the last five years for students coming from underprivileged families in South Africa. The foundation will allocate bursaries that will be awarded to Business and Arts and STEM students at some of the most prestigious South African academic institutions.

Old Mutual Bursary

Application Season: 1st April to 30th September 2021

The Old Mutual Bursary is for students in the fields of financial studies since this is the company’s core business. The Old Mutual Actuarial Bursary, which is sometimes called the Old Mutual CA Accounting Bursary, is for students who have a certain “X-Factor” that sets them apart from other students. Upon completion of studies using the bursary, the recipients would have gathered valuable work experience, making them ready for employment.

IDC Bursary

Application Season: Autumn 2021

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is primarily a national development finance institution that provides for young entrepreneurs undertaking industrial development projects with non-financial or financial support. The IDC will provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs who plan to start new business enterprises and companies that want to extend their current operations to a maximum of approximately R1 billion. The IDC bursary programme will cover expenses that include tuition fees, accommodation, prescribed books, a laptop, and an allowance.

Beka Schreder Bursary

Application Season: Open Year Round

The BEKA Schréder (Pty) Ltd was originally founded in Namibia in 1978. In 1981, its factory and head office relocated to Olifantsfontein, South Africa. This company offers bursaries to deserving students that will cover expenses like tuition fees, accommodations, meals, and prescribed textbooks. The bursary has a maximum value of R75,000 and it’s good for one year, although students can reapply for the bursary every year. Students who qualify will get the chance to take part in practice training or vacation work every year.

Toyota SA Bursary

Application Season: 1st April to 31st August 2021

Toyota South Africa is one of the global Toyota Motor Corporation facilities. It’s involved in the building, manufacturing, exporting, and distributing of spare parts and vehicles for both international and local markets. As part of the company’s commitment to helping deserving students, Toyota South Africa offers bursaries that will provide coverage for expenses that include tuition fees, stationery, prescribed books, accommodation, meals, a personal computer, and transport. The recipients of the bursaries will also receive workplace experience by participating in the vacation work programme and even the graduate programme.

Ford Motor Company Bursary

Application Season: Open Year Round

One of the pioneers of the automotive industry, the Ford Motor Company, was founded in 1903 by Henry ford. This American multinational automaker sells commercial automobiles and vehicles under the “Ford” brand. It also sells luxury cars under the “Lincoln” brand. In support and cooperation with the drive of skill development of the National Government, the FMC in South Africa offers bursaries that will fund final year students to help them complete their tertiary education. After finishing their studies, the bursary graduates may partake in the Graduate Trainee Program that will allow them to gain valuable practical experience in their chosen field.

Fasset Bursary

Application Season: Open Year Round

Some of the objectives of the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (FASSET) include increasing the number of employees who will enter the accounting and financial sectors, facilitating transformation within the finance and accounting sectors, and expanding the skill sets required within these sectors. To achieve these objectives, FASSET offers bursary programmes that will cover all expenses related to studies. The bursaries will go to students to plan to study in Finance and Accounting-related fields.

TETA Bursary

Application Season: Closes 17th August 2021

Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) provides the opportunity for qualifying unemployed learners to apply for bursaries for the 2021 academic year. Applicants must be studying at or intending to study at accredited aviation schools, accredited diving schools and registered Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and universities. Find out more about the TETA Bursary.

Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust

Application Season: Opens Autumn 2021

The scholarship programme of the Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) intends to support deserving students in South Africa from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue higher education while improving their employment qualifications. The bursary will provide coverage for tuition fees, learning materials, books, accommodation, meals, and a stipend for their living expenses. 

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship

Application Season: Opens Autumn 2021

 The Foundation’s Fellowship programme supports individuals by nurturing their entrepreneurship skills to create valuable businesses which will contribute to the community. Those applying for an Allan Gray Bursary, who are known as Candidate Allan Gray Fellows will receive financial assistance for their tertiary education as well as support to develop their entrepreneurial mindset.

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