adidas is selling LEGO shoes with studs in the soles

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LEGO and adidas have been working together for a while now on a range of apparel. Up until now it’s mostly been clothing by adidas with LEGO branding plastered on it, but the latest product from the pair is different.

The upcoming adidas Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates Shoes is a pair of running shoes (sneakers) that features spaces to put in a combination of coloured LEGO pieces to customise the look.

Each shoe features rows of 6 X 2 spaces which can be used to insert LEGO plates, hence the name of this product.

Another bizarre feature here is the soles which have a textured pattern reminiscent of LEGO studs. We have to imagine this is a reference to the joke that standing on stray LEGO pieces when barefoot is terribly painful.

While these shoes have been shown off in the past, they officially go on sale tomorrow, 8th April. In the US they will sell for $200, which converts to R2 910 at the time of writing.

The official adidas South African online store doesn’t have the new Ultraboosts listed for sale just yet, but the previous LEGO shoes were sold on our shores so we’re sure these will arrive too.

As massive fans of LEGO with rather indifferent opinions towards sneakers like this, this announcement is a bit of a mixed bag. The official marketing blurb for the pair tries to persuade us:

“This pair features LEGO brick 3-Stripes to celebrate of all the builders, dreamers and risk-takers who are changing the game in their own way. Step in and dream big on the pavement. Your best run ever starts with that first step.”

Even if we were persuaded by that little bit of copy, we’re not sure these would be the kind of shoes we’d take running.

We have to end this story by stating that it’s a real pain in the backside that “LEGO” is in all caps and “adidas” is in all lowercase, instead of “Lego” and “Adidas” like it should be in the Queen’s English. We understand wanting to do something fancy with your brand name but it’s even more obnoxious having the two of them in the same story.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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