Are you one of the 533 million Facebook users who had their data leaked?

It was a less than ideal Family Day yesterday if you’re a Facebook user. This as the social media platform has suffered yet another data breach, with a reported 533 million users’ data from 106 different countries leaking online. The data in question was far ranging and personal, including Facebook IDs, contact numbers and dates of birth with the list going on.

This leak has also been accessible since January of this year, with it linked to the Telegram-related data breach we reported on.

Facebook is seemingly unconcerned with the leak, telling BleepingComputer in a statement that, “This is old data that was previously reported on in 2019. We found and fixed this issue in August 2019.”

While that might be the case, the fact that Facebook is unperplexed by the size of the leak definitely has us worried.

So if Facebook is not going to help alert users about whether their data has been compromised, there is a helpful online tool that can – Have I Been Pwned.

We have referenced this site before, created by Troy Hunt, as a valuable resource to turn to whenever a large-scale data breach has occurred. The site is fairly straightforward, with you simply needing to type in your email address to find out whether your data has been comprised in the latest Facebook breach.

It also works for previous breaches, which also comes in handy, but it should be noted that this tool is not definitive, which means you should likely change your passwords and maintain good all-around cybersecurity habits.

For those interested in making use of Have I Been Pwned in future, Hunt has also noted that he may look to add phone numbers as a search parameter alongside email addresses, but no timeline on that feature being added has been outlined at this time.

Either way, it is a handy resource to use, especially as there appears to be a massive data breach every other week.

[Image – Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash]


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