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Audi debuts new A6 e-tron concept ahead of Shanghai Auto Show

Dynamic photo, Colour: Helio Silver

This week is the Shanghai Auto Show and, prior to the event, a number of carmakers have already begun teasing their most exciting projects. In the case of Audi, it includes the A6 e-tron Concept, which the German company plans to add to its current lineup of luxury electric vehicles (EVs).

As with previous reveals this latest concept is not altogether an out of the box design, and will likely look very similar to the full production model that Audi plans to manufacture. The only distinguishing elements that we can discern from the images and video shared to date are the front grille and rear cluster array, hinting that the A6 e-tron is different from the similarly styled four-door saloons.

More importantly, this Concept car features Audi’s electrified platform for luxury vehicles moving forward.

“A completely new technology architecture, the “Premium Platform Electric,” or PPE for short, will serve as the technology platform for these vehicles in the future. Beginning in late 2022, the first production cars in the C- and later also B-segment will be relaunched with PPE technology, including – a first in the market for electric vehicles – both SUVs with a high ground clearance and dynamically styled models with a lower ride height, such as the upcoming Audi A6 e-tron,” explains the company’s press release. 

While there is no official specifications for this vehicle, Audi has outlined what it has in mind once it is ready to hit the road.

To that end the battery-powered engine should yield 350kW from dual-motor design, as well as offering a driving range of roughly 700 kilometres. Added to this is will be an estimated 0-100km/h time under four seconds. Crucially it will also sport the same 800V architecture as the e-tron GT, which will feature 270kW charging and the ability to go from 5 percent to 80 percent battery capacity from 25 minutes of quick charging.

How this would impact the long-term functionality of the battery from regular use though, remains to be seen.

For now though, it looks like the A6 e-tron Concept will serve as the basis by which future Audi EVs will be measured.

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