Five new ‘readers’ you can get by using SpeechKit

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SpeechKit is an innovative company that offers text-to-speech automation that can turn your website, newsletter, blog or any written content into natural sounding audio for your readers.

Many think that this is simply an accessibility feature for those who struggle to read, but turning your content into audio opens so many doors to new audience segments and types of readers… or should that be listeners?

The active “doer”

Everyone knows that one person – they’re at the gym most days of the week, off on some hiking trail every other weekend and all their pictures are at the finish line of some marathon or fitness contest.

Maybe you are this person and, if so, you know that eventually you get tired of listening to music to get through the training. SpeechKit allows you to instead catch up on news or take in some interesting articles while you work out.

If you’re spending so much time working on your body, why not work on your mind at the same time?

The podcast listener

Podcasts are just like every other hobby: you start with one or two, pick up a few more from recommendations and before you know it you’re dying for something new but you’ve already listened to everything.

This kind of reader / listener can finally catch up on long form features. These pillars of journalism and writing are usually intimidating because of their thousands of words made even less appealing by most sites now having an estimated time to read based on the length.

Thankfully the podcast fan is always on the lookout for the next hour plus endeavour and longform features are the perfect target to be turned into audio for this type of consumer.

The sight impaired

This segment of users is what many think of when it comes to text-to-speech and for good reason. Having an audio option for written content really opens up any platform to a wider range of the differently abled.

It’s worth noting here that it’s not just those with little or no eyesight who benefit, aside from the other kinds of readers here. Some people have vision that is good enough to read but require extra strain or external software to make text more legible. Audio once again helps in this case as SpeechKit being built into your site is an ultimate ease of use scenario.

The media junkie

Like the fitness guru who is always on the move and the podcast fan who is also sitting down to listen, there are those who classify their days by how many articles they’ve read, videos they’ve watched and songs they’ve listened to.

The media junkie is typified both by how much they consume, but also by the wide variety of media formats.

The unfortunate truth is that many of us fit this bill due to the large workload of modern times. If, for example, you spend your work day reading emails, memos and briefs, wanting to read in your free time becomes more of a chore.

The option to choose audio, then, comes out on top here snagging another segment who would have likely closed the window instead of reading on.

The commuter

While everyone is saying working from home (WFH) is the new norm, there will always be commuters. Putting aside the vast amount of the workforce with jobs where WFH isn’t a possibility, people will always need to get around for their personal lives, when travelling, or even just getting around for the fun of it – there’s a reason car and bike clubs are still so popular.

For these people reading is not an option if they’re in control of the vehicle or stuck on a mode of transport which makes it unpleasant, and audio content can once again fill the gap.

If you want to access these new segments for your work, or maybe you identify yourself in them and want to give it a try, SpeechKit offers a 7-day free trial. Enterprise users can setup a demo to see how SpeechKit can work for your company and access added features such as API integration, 24/7 support and more.



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