Imgur introduces content controls to choose what you see

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Imgur – a popular image sharing site that was once best known as a sister site to Reddit – has introduced a new content control system that lets users choose certain topics or tags to see less of in their feeds.

Strangely this feature already existed on the platform but was only for paying users enrolled in Imgur Emerald. The introduction of content controls brings this option to more people.

Right now these controls are broken into two options: topics and tags. Imgur defines four topic options in politics, scary stuff, sad stuff and health & fitness. Then, specific tags can also be chosen by typing them in.

Tags were introduced to Imgur some time ago and work much like many other image platforms. Whenever someone uploads an image or gallery they can manually type in tags which are related to it. In the example screenshot provided by Imgur three tags are chosen:

For those who want to access their content controls simply log into Imgur and go to the home page. The settings menu for this is the three line icon (see the header image above) with the “disable autoplay” and  “uniform” existing buttons right next to it.

As for why this new feature was implemented we have to imagine that US politics is the cause. Imgur, like most big international sites, has a massive US userbase leading to posts about local politics becoming popular. Aside from politics always being a touchy subject it also meant that those from outside America found themselves irritated by the large amount of this content on their feed when it has nothing to do with them.

In the announcement of content controls this is alluded to in a joking manner.

“So, if you’d like to see less content about politics, you can do that by selecting the relevant category; alternatively, if you’d like to see fewer posts about dogs (you monster), you can add the ‘dogs’ tag to your removed tag section,” the announcement reads.

If it was politics that caused this change we have to point out that Imgur is very late here. Back when Donald Trump was president posts about him dominated the site much like every other social network.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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